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What We Do

Full-Path Domain Forwarding and Short Linking

Short linking and domain forwarding are all we do, and all we will EVER do. In the last day, we have processed over 0 thousand requests for our users.

Why Navhere?

Specialization, Plain and Simple

Instead of building a tool that does a lot of different things pretty okay, some things not so good, with a spaghetti bowl of navigation thrown in just because, we decided to do one thing* VERY, VERY well.

And in case you are still on the fence, every domain has a 2 week trial period! You can set up your forwarding and short links and test everything before you ever pay a dime.

* technically we do two things, but who's counting?

How It Works

Point Your Domain to navhere, and We Handle the Rest

Navhere hosts a redundant, highly available, cluster of servers capable of processing more than 50M requests per server per day.

Once you sign up, you just need to point a couple of DNS records to us, and navhere will do all of the heavy lifting.


Why shouldn't I use my registrar's domain forwarding?

This could be a valid option, we certainly did for years. Then one day without notice, our paths started breaking with a message saying "the short link you clicked is either wrong or retired." The thing is we weren't using short links. So that day, we took our domain forwarding into our own hands.

How much does this cost?

The cost is $9 per domain per year, with a 2 week free trial at the very start, so you don't have to drop a single penny before you test out the service.

Can't I use my own server for this?

Without a doubt, and we wholly recommend doing that if you have more than a dozen domains (only $108/year or $9/month) and are comfortable with managing a virtual server, otherwise, the monthly cost and manual maintenance doesn't really save you anything, and a single server isn't redundant.

What DNS Records do I need to create?

When you add your domain to the navhere dashboard, you will be prompted to create an A record and a CName record each with their own values.

I have another question!

Then drop us a line, and someone from the team will get back to you. You can email us at

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